1st of May is the day of class struggle & resistance against the militia and the State’s war in Iraq and Syria

1st of May is the day of class struggle & resistance against the militia and the State’s war in Iraq and Syria



Yes to mass struggle and its protest and resistance

No to the militia & tribal war

No to wage war and the States intervention against the mass struggle and its resistances

To all the Libertarians wherever you are in this world: The mass protest and its resistances in Iraq are facing the brutal attack from the Iraqi government !

For the last few months protests, demonstrations, sit-in and strikes have been going on in a few towns in Iraq.  The people there are demanding social justice, ending of corruption and discrimination, peace, ending brutality of the police and &militias,  demanding human rights and achieving the daily necessities of life.


Instead of meeting their demands, the Iraqi government has launched counter attacks to repress and suppress them, encouraging the rift between Sunni and Shi’a communities, creating a wider and wider rift.  Also, they have set up the tribes to be against one another.  These polices of the government have created an environment to be attractive for the region’s States to intervene to set up their own groups and support them using money, weapons, advice and even training them for their own purpose.  In this climate, other fanatical and radical groups have grown increasingly including the remaining individuals of the Baath regime.  All of these forces mentioned above are completing one another’s task as their main goals are to defeat the mass resistance and its struggle.


The state media and the propaganda machines are playing a very big role to extort dilute and confuse the rest of the population including the political parties and the so-called communist& socialist parties, to name and shame the people and denounce them just because they have been stand up for their rights.  The reason that the state and the political parties are waging war against them is because they are independent from the political parties and the politicians, and they organised themselves to fight back against the state forces. They have not been tamed by the state like the other opposition groups in the other parts of Iraq.  No wonder the state media is attacking them and accusing them by reactionary force, calling them agents of the other states in the region and the conspiracy forces against the democratic State.  In fact their demands are fair and common demands with the rest of the people in Shi’a towns and Kurdistan.


We are as a Kurdistan Anarchist Forum (KAF) supporting them and supporting their boycotting of the recent municipal elections.  We also support them for not sending their representatives to negotiate with the State.  We believe this is the most independent and united mass movement in a few towns of Iraq and hoping the rest of the towns including the towns in Kurdistan learn from them this very rich experience as this is the only way to struggle against the state and the power of the political parties.  We wish people to reject the polling station that is designed to elect the worth instead of bad, to organize themselves in order to take control of their affairs.


We as KAF denounce all the types of the militia, the State war and the religions war as well. We announce our support to the independent mass movement in those towns as well as the workers strike in Iraq for their fundamental rights.  We are hoping that the day comes soon to build the united mass movement in the whole of Iraq and also in the region to resist the war that the central government in Iraq has been waging for the last a few months, which in the last few days was intensified against the popular demands from its own people.


While we are asking all Anarchists and the libertarians in the world to show their support to the fair demands of the independent mass movement in those town in Iraq, at the same time we hope to see Iraqi people in all the towns can stop the intervention from the region States (Iran, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) to stop their proxy wars through the tribes and the religious groups.  This is the only way to prevent the Iraqi people going through the same disaster that Syria is now facing it. While we are in solidarity with the working class and the mass movements in Iraq, at the same time we are hopping their struggle will not become a way for the profitable trade by penetrating war-lords and groups, with their only aim being to make money, and also not to be a place for the concurred & occupier forces to deliver their conspiracy to achieve what they want.

Long live to independent mass movement

No to war, no to tribal and religion war

No to State and Capitalism

Yes to independency social self managing.

Kurdistan Anarchist Forum (KAF)

30th 04.2013


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