Police Brutally Attack to LAF (High School Anarchist Aciton)

The demonstration which was organised by the revolutionary high school organisations has been attcked brutally by police. High School Anarchist Action (LAF) is also one of the organisers of the protest. The demonstration is for protesting the university exams which is made for accepting the high school students who can pass the exam. The exam is one of the major problem in education issue.

For protesting this, every june there is demonstration about the exam. The protest has been planned to be in Kadıköy. The police has attacked to the protestors who tried to march. First attack to take the protestors have been occured brutally. The police have beated many protestors who are high school students. The violence of the police has continued during the police buses.

7 comrades from LAF, totally over 30 revolutionary has been taken into custody.

The vilonce of the police and the repression won’t keep us away from our struggle.


Maria Lacerda de Moura ماریا لاسێردا دێ مۆورا

ژیاننامە و چالاکی و نووسینەکانی ماریا لاسێردا دێ مۆورا